If there is any one point to make about CCT’s strong market position it is our relationship with component and material suppliers in the Display industry. Thanks to our proactive R&D Department, CCT has an unusual advantage over any of our competitors in the marketplace.

Over the years, CCT has obliged all Display suppliers to use our R&D services to test new products for “proof of concept” as well as grading its “production ready” status. CCT’s cooperation and participation in the evaluation of new products has provided CCT with preliminary information on new technology developments as well as named products destined for End of Life (EOL) status.

Suppliers come to CCT not just for our R&D services. It is our location, Malaysia, that gives suppliers comfort knowing we are in a region known to respect IP and vigilance against Counterfeit Components. So for this, the suppliers are not concerned of piracy or sharing such information with Counterfeit manufacturers.

So for the normal processing of RFQs, New Design developments and ongoing Production planning, CCT has maintained a clear view of what components are coming into the market as well as those headed for EOL. This advantage is a cornerstone of long term production repeatability as well as keeping designs fresh and capable for upgrades on a timely manner.

CCT Differentiators

1. Based on Industry practices, CCT provides the most in-depth early Engineering study than any display manufacturer

CCT will do a deep engineering dive in any level RFQ, whether early in study or a true RFQ request. CCT turns out to be the most generous provider of engineering information. This is one of the key selling points of CCT. Certainly, customers will appreciate the information and the manner and timeliness of the information.

2. CCT is immune from the USA-China Tariff War and is Legally bound to Global Ethics

Malaysia is a friendly to western countries and is part of the USA’s circle of preferred countries to do business. Unlike China, Malaysia is without import duties and thus has taken a much more focused role from American corporations. Malaysia business laws are aligned with Singapore, its next door neighbor.

3. CCT is Globally Competitive

Labor costs in Malaysia are competitive globally while CCT has implemented a high degree of Automation within our factory. This leads CCT to compete on a unit price level on a worldwide basis. Our range of competition includes Medical, Automotive, Industrial on mid and high volume products.

4. Pre-RFQ Design and Application Conversation is never too early

By starting the pre-RFQ conversation, CCT provide useful guidance in the initializing of a conceptual Display Module design. CCT does not charge nor hold the customer obligated to work with CCT at any time. Our early advice serves as a great tool to promote CCT’s knowledge, experience and communication skill-sets.

5. CCT has a Second Sourcing Cooperative Platform to Mitigate Supply Chain Issues

CCT will work with customers to create an easy path to develop second sourcing through both technology and effective commercial policies that will not prove disruptive in any respect to customers’ ongoing supplier chain.

6. CCT remains ahead of the Industry’s awareness of EOL Components and Materials

Due to the ongoing introduction of new ICs and Materials, CCT is clued in on EOL updates and EOL announcements. This aids CCT to give advice and action as it impacts current products as well as new product design strategies.

7. CCT’s Advance Material Evaluation services to Suppliers of the Display Industry allows for Best Case Application Solutions to its Customers

Because of the vast exposure to new materials, CCT has the inside knowledge on the latest and best solutions. This is carried over to its customers as new applications are presented.

8. CCT continues to operate on the Forefront of New Technology developments in the Display Industry

New ICs and Display materials are mostly supplied by manufacturers in Taiwan, Korea and Japan. Since these are new products, China manufacturers are not included in the initial launching of these materials to avoid theft of IP and Design. Thus, CCT is considered an ideal center for new technology evaluation as Malaysia is vigilant on IP protection. Since CCT is the sole display supplier in Malaysia, they have enjoyed this role for decades.

9. CCT maintains the industry’s finest Design Team while Vigilant on Counterfeits

All of CCT’s engineering and product evaluation prowess fully complements its Automated manufacturing facilities. CCT is known for its high quality and strict watchdog approach on incoming materials with its surveillance of counterfeit components and materials.