CCT Offers Second Sourcing Assistance

Creating a true Second Source Display Module is not easy to accomplish. Unlike most devices in the electronic industry, Display Modules are difficult to duplicate and for the record, it is intended to be difficult.

The Display market has an industry wide practice of withholding key material information. This practice may have evolved from the time where manufacturers covered their “secret sauce” materials in order to protect their display findings during the period where LCDs were evolving. The practice was instituted to keep competitors from vying for second source positions. Secret sauce materials combining to make up the Display’s visual performance are LCD or TFT Glass, Liquid Crystal compounds, Polarizer specifications, Light Enhancing materials and LED Backlight Lamps. In order to get an exact visual equivalent, Second Source efforts will necessitate multiple trials with numbers of variables to achieve duplicity which most times ends with a poor match. Fussy OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer), may require months or even years to arrive at an acceptable second source product. This problem started back in the early 1980s and remains in practice today. CCT has a solution to avoid the painful trials of creating a proper second source Display Module product.

CCT’s Solution: Divulging the Complete Specification to Assist in Creating a Second Source

After one year of production shipments, CCT will provide a complete Display Module specification including all of the “Secret Source”materials as a cooperation towards helping the customer secure a second source, if needed. This service is offered to all CCT customers who are seeking a Second Source to provide a customer or standard Display Module design.